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Sustainable Development: Journey From Stockholm to Rio+20 | Editorial

Dr. Atul Kumar Tiwari in Global Journal of Socio-Legal Studies | Education of Life & Science
Abstract: Nature itself possesses immense potential to maintainecological balance. At one time there was a perfect ecological balance ofnature. With the growth of economic power, unplanned industrial, commercial,socio – economic development, the pressure on natural resources has increasedconsiderably. In the lust for growth, development and comfortable life man hasmiserably built up a high degree of pressure on natural resources. All this hasresulted in an ego – catastrophe.[1]This clearly indicates that the current models of economic development areunsustainable. States hold sovereignty over their own natural resources, and ifdeveloped countries achieved their present standard of living due to exploitationof natural resources. It is scarcely just to seek to prevent developing andunder developed countries from adopting the same patterns, in spite of impactson environment or long term global survival. The global objective ofsustainable development emerged in the 1980s as a way to bridge thesedeadlocked views of developed and developing countries and to address concernsabout the long term sustainability of development. The concept of sustainabledevelopment emerged to help countries find solutions to the problem ofunsustainable development and in maintaining ecological balance. [1]               Dr. Kushna Chandra Jena, Ecologyand Environmental Protection Movements: A brief conspectus AIR 2005 Dec Vol. 92p 288.

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