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Environmental Education: Need of the Hour | Editorial

Dr. Harmeet Singh Sandhu in Global Journal of Socio-Legal Studies | Education of Life & Science
Abstract: Environmentprotection has become a very serious concern all over the globe. Environmentalpollution and degradation have reached alarming proportions, adverselyaffecting the public at large. Scientific developments have further complicatedthe understanding of the environmental issues. Irrespective of the existence oflaws, rules, regulations and proactive role played by the judiciary,unregulated degradation of the environment continues. One of the major reasonsfor this is lack of awareness among the people about their contribution toenvironmental degradation and devastation. Environmental Education is a pre–requisite to evolve a green culture and to preserve the biology of the planetearth. They are not aware that their habits are endangering his survival onthis planet. Just as education plays a significant role in the development ofany country, environmental education contributes to its sustainabledevelopment. Similarly, environmental law education has become very significantwith the increase in litigation pertaining to environmental matters.

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